ClearHealth 3.0 Community Edition Intensive Training Event at SCALE 8x

ClearHealth Inc. is excited to announce an intensive training event for the ClearHealth 3.0 Community Edition to take place at SCALE 8x on Saturday, February 20th, 2010 at the Westin LAX hotel in Los Angeles. The training will be split into two sessions with an hour break in between (lunch is not included in the training):

9:30 – 12:30 — Operations and features of 3.0 edition

1:30 – 4:30 — Technical setup and installation

  • Attendees will receive early-access edition of the 3.1 source code
  • Tickets are available for advance purchase at Eventbrite for $99
  • Laptops for attendees will NOT be provided by ClearHealth for the event

Please note that this is NOT the DOHCS conference for 2010 (which will occur at a later date), rather it is a training session for ClearHealth 3.0

**UPDATE 2/9**

The event will be held in the Logan Conference Room on the second floor of the Westin LAX hotel. A floor plan for the hotel is available here.

**UPDATE 2/16**

The outline for the 2/20 training event is available here (PDF).



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2 responses to “ClearHealth 3.0 Community Edition Intensive Training Event at SCALE 8x

  1. Ron Connal

    What are the pre-requisites in order to attend this training session? Any info would be helpful.

    • There are no pre-requisites — the first half (demonstration of features and walkthrough) is open to anyone of any skill level. The second half will be geared more toward the technical aspects, but even a non-technical person should be able to get value from it.

      Attendees can bring a laptop to follow-along on their own computers if they wish (the application is web-based, and Firefox web browser is strongly recommended for optimal performance).

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